Top Financial Services Innovations That Grabbed Headlines in 2019

Trendwatching published its list of top innovation in financial services for 2019 and it truly put a smile on my face.

  1. Free Trial surfing is a smart app that enables people to sign up to free trials with ‘burner’ card details so they do not need to remember to cancel them to avoid charges.
  2. Alice is an app that connects to users’ bank accounts and simplifies deducting allowable taxable expenses.
  3. Barclays enables customers to block certain spending categories, such as gambling, alcohol.
  4. Malaysian RHB bank addresses both a younger generation and inter-generational family dynamics through its Chinese New Year campaign championing a professional e-sports gamer.
  5. MasterCard holders will soon be able to display their chosen names on their payment cards, regardless of their birth gender. A ‘small’ but very relevant step on the road to inclusion and acceptance.

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