The IBIS Company

IBIS is a leading South African-based company that has been specializing in Competitive Intelligence related services since 1997.?IBIS?is a pioneer in the development and awareness of Competitive Intelligence in South Africa. Our services not only include the implementation of Competitive Intelligence in client companies but also market, industry, products and competitor research and analysis.

The IBIS management and staff include persons with extensive experience at senior level in the formal intelligence environment as well as experts with business and research background. We enjoy wide acclaim locally and internationally.

We have experience in the development and implementation of Competitive Intelligence systems for companies in a variety of sectors. We render a one-stop-service that includes CI Audit; key intelligence needs determination; planning a system and capacity that would suit a client? challenges and requirements and implementing and developing an independent self-sustainable Competitive Intelligence capacity.

At the core of our capabilities is our methodological approach to all our clients? challenges. Making use of secondary research as a launching pad, we add unique value through intensive primary research through interviews and other methods.? Our products and services are focused on our clients? intelligence needs and research only starts once we have thoroughly explored the key information requirements. Our numerous satisfied clients are testimony of our diligence and thoroughness.

The management and staff of?IBIS?include persons with extensive experience at senior level in the formal intelligence environment as well as well-qualified persons with business and research background.? IBIS?enjoys wide acclaim locally and internationally and enhances its capacity through the use of an international network of associates who are specialists in Competitive Intelligence- related fields.

Our previous clients and sectors

IBIS remains at the forefront of global and South African developments in Competitive Intelligence through its partnership with leading institutions and participation in international research projects including partnering with the University of Antwerp on research into Competitive Intelligence practices.

Our clients include blue chip companies and state-owned enterprises within a wide range of sectors in Southern Africa:

  • Agriculture including Wine Industry as a whole
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic Medical Equipment
  • Export
  • Financial Services (Banking, Micro Lending, Insurance, Asset Management)
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & Steel
  • Retail
  • Higher Education Institution
  • Staffing
  • Standards Certification
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Water & Electricity

Our mission statement

  • Promote a true partnership through close co-operation with clients to enhance independent functioning through the transfer of skills and knowledge.
  • Provide assistance in strategic management and in the implementation of the Competitive Intelligence process in companies.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of client companies at a time of increased and fiercer global competition.
  • Guide and develop information management processes.
  • Assist in the analysis of information.
  • Apply experience and advanced analysis processes to deliver actionable and strategic insights.
  • Promote Competitive Intelligence as a profession within the Southern African business environment.
  • Adhere to high ethical norms and applicable laws.

Our ethical code

IBIS strives to enhance the image of Competitive Intelligence as an ethical profession, whereby privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all levels of service. IBIS also endeavours to maintain the highest level of ethics during the research and the reporting processes. All research is conducted through a set protocol and qualified personnel are utilised when conducting specialised research.

We aim:

  • To continually strive to establish and promote Competitive Intelligence as a profession.
  • To execute our services while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.
  • To avoid all unethical practices.
  • To faithfully adhere to and abide by the policies, objectives and guidelines of client companies.
  • To respect and comply with all applicable laws.
  • To fully respect all requests for confidentiality of information and association.
  • To promote and encourage full compliance with the ethical standards within IBIS, client companies, third party contractors and with the Competitive Intelligence profession.

To vigorously adhere to the highest standards of deliverables, diligently controlled by our internal processes and codes.

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