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Developing and maintaining a world-class Competitive Intelligence capacity

Companies and institutions can only succeed if their intelligence capability is customised according to their specific challenges. Companies differ not only in the services and products they provide or sectors in which they operate, but also with their very specific company cultures. IBIS is experienced to assist companies with the development, upgrading and maintenance of all the key elements related to Competitive Intelligence.

  • Competitive Inteligence
  • CI Audit
  • CI Implementation
  • CI Key Intelligence Needs (KINs) Support
  • CI Management Support

Competitive Intelligence is our core business and we will guide and assist you in:

  • Designing, developing and establishing tailor-made Competitive Intelligence functions and units for companies and organisations.
  • Mentoring, assisting and supporting management in the establishment and functioning of Competitive Intelligence capabilities.
  • Identifying Key Intelligence Needs: Assisting top management in strategic decision-making need assessments and prioritising the company’s Key Intelligence Needs.
  • Unique training programs presented by experts to top management, Competitive Intelligence management, analysts and employees in all aspects of Competitive Intelligence.
  • Network development: Offering facilitation services and furnishing essential information on emerging markets, particularly Africa.

IBIS is also available for companies that are not yet ready to develop their own in-house capacity and prefer to outsource the Competitive Intelligence function.?

CI Audit is the starting point of developing a Competitive Intelligence capacity.

It provides a view in what a company already have in place and is indicative of what would be required. The CI audit is designed to support the needs of companies that do not have Competitive Intelligence capabilities but also for those companies that already have a Competitive Intelligence function but which is is not functioning optimally or according to the expectations of management.

CI Key Intelligence Needs (KINs) forms the foundation as well as a compass for the development of a Competitive Intelligence function.

KINs needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. IBIS assists top and senior management in determining, analysing and prioritising critical information needs from the external competitive business environment that impact on strategic and tactical business decision-making.

CI Implementation follows on the CI Audit and determining of KINs.

A model for Competitive Intelligence depends on unique company needs, resources and culture. This means that no two companies will have exactly the same Competitive Intelligence setup. IBIS specialises in designing, developing and establishing tailor-made Competitive Intelligence capabilities.

CI Management Support.

In order to be effective and successful the Competitive Intelligence function within a company must be dynamic and flexible to the changes in a company and challenges that the company is confronted with.? IBIS is experienced with supporting management to further develop and hone Competitive Intelligence capabilities that already exists in companies. CI capability assessment of an extensive range of internal factors (including top management strategic architecture, corporate culture, organisation structure, climate, innovation, functional areas, communication) supporting a competitive culture also form part of this service.


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