Food & Beverage Innovations That Grabbed Attention in 2019

Trendwatching published its list of top innovation in food and beverage for 2019 and it truly put a smile on my face.

  1. Nestlé brought out a new 70% dark chocolate product contains no refined sugar. Instead it is sweetened with previously-discarded cacao pulp.
  2. Lettuce in Texas goes a longer way with a start-up that installed low maintenance grow beds in members’ homes, matching owners with willing local gardeners and collecting surplus produce for its zero-waste, hyperlocal subscription meal kits.
  3. Solar foods is no longer pie in the sky: A Finnish startup will soon launch Solein, a high protein wheat flour-like powder made from CO2 extracted from the air and combined with water, nutrients, and vitamins.
  4. Returnr: A Melbourne-based startup makes it easier to avoid single-use food packaging by enabling customers to ‘rent’ reusable stainless steel bowls and outsource cleaning to the restaurant. Trendwatching calls this “Sustainability-as-a-Service.”
  5. Perennial is a vitamin-enriched plant-based milk supports the brain health and bone strength of its 50 year old and over audience. Trendwatching says, “targeting older consumers is perhaps the smartest, yet least adopted business strategy today for reasons of numbers, spending power and futur growth of this segment.

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