EQ and bot proof skills

Further on the report on skills that humans have and robot / bots not, much is being written and discussed re job security on the future, skills for the future, and how robots will impact on current jobs.

It is true that jobs that are now done by people will be taken over by robot but it is also true that many new jobs will be created and that we are looking at a new phenomenon that is co-botting; working alongside robots / bots. How will humans create value in an increasingly automated world? Guthrie Jensen created an infographic that summarizes the skills needed in 2020 and beyond to take advantage of the shifting landscape of work. Skills like complex problem solving, creativity, people and project management. The jobs most under threat are telemarketers, insurance underwriters book-keeping clerks , legal secretaries and credit analysts while the chance of robots replacing physicians, dentists, nurses, teachers and computer systems analysts are near zero (I guess we have to say for now.)

Source: Visual Capitalist, 19 February 2019

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