Co-botting and robot proof skills

A report by Sarah O’Connor published on on 19 February 2019 says the soft skills that women typically have are bot-proofing them. “As machines become better at many cognitive tasks, it is likely that the skills they are relatively bad at will become more valuable,” she says.

Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England said, “The high-skill, high-pay jobs of the future may involve skills better measured by EQs [a measure of emotional intelligence] than IQs.” There is no reason why men should not excel at these, but historically such skills have been more identified with — and encouraged in — women. The report also says that we could start changing the language we use. For too long we have talked about “soft skills,” with connotations of femininity and a lack of rigor. Let’s call them what they are: “robot-proof skills” that neither men nor women can afford to face the 21st century without. Source: Ozy on 

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