Where is the Competitive Intelligence Industry Going in the age of Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning? Predictions by Competitive Intelligence Experts

In a blog Emily Dumas, Marketing Manager at Crayon, a market and competitive intelligence platform that helps businesses track, analyze, and act on external events approached a number of CI experts on their opinion.

These were published on https://www.marketingaiinstitute.com/blog/where-is-the-competitive-intelligence-industry-going and are presented as is below: “With the continuous advancement of technology, the Competitive Intelligence (CI) industry has seen many changes over the last five to ten years. Technology aside, we’ve seen many trends arise that will impact the future of competitive intelligence. We’ve seen changes in how competitive intelligence research is done, the increased competitiveness within most markets, more financial investments in CI programs, and better organizational visibility into competitive intelligence findings. Beyond that, more people are better able to leverage their CI findings across their organizations. This all sounds pretty great for the CI industry, right? Well it actually gets even better. We asked CI experts about the changes over recent years and to give us a prediction about where they see the industry going. Let’s dive in and see what the experts had to say.” Read hat they say on teams, tactical benefits, the integration of AI and machine learning, investment in formal CI programs and importantly, the ever growing importance of CI for companies also in South Africa.

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