Uniqueness. Personalisation. Authenticity. Honest, Value, Special. Different. Simple. Quick. Those are words we relate to the new consumer drivers. Enter technology and delivering personalised service this becomes possible and economically viable.

L’Oréal recently unveiled Perso, an AI-powered device that mixes personalised skincare and cosmetics for the customer in their own home. Perso can create lipstick, foundation, and skincare solutions that are unique to the user and based on preferences, a real-time skin assessment and external data (such as pollution levels and weather). Before Perso mixes the products via its three swappable motorised cartridges, users will be able to preview the look using augmented reality. They will also be able to link their social accounts to Perso’s app to find colour inspirations from their fave influencers. Watch the video on how it works. Many other global businesses have started delivering personalised services which means the market will increasingly demand a unique fit and not a one-size-fits-all. Source: L’Oréal; Trendwatching

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