Rewritting the rules of engagement: How Airbnb has sent the ball rolling

An article in Leader ( provides the context to how the hospitality industry and in particular the tourist accommodation scene has changed with the advent of Airbnb.

The Airbnb concept has changed the rules of engagement. Hoteliers are starting to offer “apart-hotels that combine the spaciousness and amenities of an Airbnb with the cleanliness and services of a hotel. Many are rethinking the designs of their spaces so that they can flexibly reconfigure them in light of changes in demand. And some are trying to lure back travelers by offering experiences that would be hard for a local host to match – such as sophisticated technologies that match preferences to offerings. Airbnb is, in short, facing a maturing market and increased competition.” Besides hotels, other accommodation providers have entered the scene: Private homes are increasingly being listed by travel agents’ online listing.

Read more here about the changing accommodation industry 

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