The Top Innovations for 2018

Amanda Ciccatelli, a leading Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy in the Insights Marketing & Innovation Division of Informa posted the following on LinkedIn regarding the top innovations we can expect in 2018:

  1. Rise in Digital Delivery of Health : “We anticipate continued advances around mobile and digital applications in the behavioral health space, improving access and convenience for patients, that deliver measurable outcomes, and begin to shift old attitudes about treatment.” – Ben Singer, Innovation Design Strategist, Humana Inc.
  2. Technology Will Evolve Product Experiences : “As users demand personalized experiences, companies need to implement strategies where they can deliver a more personal interaction without having to rely on a person. We’ll likely see messaging platforms on the incline.” – Jonathan Kim, CEO, Appcues
  3. Video Advertising Will Shift : “In 2018 we can expect to see the value of the volume of inventory start to become secondary to the value of high-quality video content itself. Metrics like time-on-site, user engagement, will mean the value of video advertising will be in the videos themselves.” – Zohar Dayan, CEO, Wibbitz
  4. Greater Focus on Brain Boosters : “Nootropics by definition are supplements relating to the enhancement of cognition and memory and the facilitation of learning. As we take on more and better understand the damaging effects of stress, incorporating nootropics is a way for high performers to protect their brains and optimize their daily lives.” – Carly Stein, Founder, Beekeeper’s Naturals
  5. Rise of Affiliate Marketing : “The post ad-blocked world is going to benefit solutions that don’t interrupt the user experience nor rely on online behavioral advertising to optimize. That puts ecommerce in a position as a revenue stream for publishers to explore in greater detail next year.” – Alicia Navarro, CEO, Skimlinks

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