The most beautiful ships attract the best sailors. This is an ancient truth used in historical times of long and dangerous journeys at sea with sailing ships. The implication was that only a beautiful, solid ship attracts the best sailors, paying passengers and valuable freight. The same holds true today about the business world. IBIS strives to be such an attractive and trustworthy partner. We have expertise and a wealth of experience and utilise a network of expert associates. The best available information technology techniques are used to support our research and analytical efforts and to develop invaluable custom-made Competitive Intelligence products. In addition, IBIS specialises in implementing Competitive Intelligence systems in companies, which include identifying key intelligence needs (KIN), planning customised systems, the strategic intelligence roll-out process, in-service training and formal training of staff involved in Competitive and Strategic Intelligence.

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Maintaining a sound knowledge of its competitive environment is a key prerequisite for a successful business. IBIS specialises in both outsourced and internal capacity building. This can be achieved not only by mastering and utilising all the key elements of an effective research and intelligence capacity, but also the ability to understand the changing demands of the competitive environment and acting in a pro-active way to changes. IBIS can share its wealth of experience, gained from a large number of projects across a variety of sectors with clients to assist companies to build a world-class Competitive Intelligence capacity.

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Celebrating our Long-Standing Service in Competitiveness and Strategic Intelligence

IBIS has been in business close to 30 years. WE opened our doors in 1997 for business in a then niche area namely Competitive Intelligence (CI). We had few blueprints to work with and we worked hard at building our body of knowledge and our expertise. We continue to innovate; our bespoke software StratScan is testimony to that as is our research into the field of Competitive Intelligence. It was a go right from the start. Since those days when CI was still in its infancy globally and in South Africa, both IBIS and CI have grown. Now, Competitive Intelligence and its building blocks including market and competitor intelligence are ubiquitous and practiced by organisations and companies large and small. IBIS has remained a South Africa-based agile boutique company focused on providing consulting and advisory services in the line of Competitive Intelligence and related fields globally. Knowing where we grew from and the role our loyal clients and amazing partners and associates have played and continue to play on our journey to where we are today, is humbling. We keep our focus on the long-term game plan, partnering with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes to our advice and intervention. Thank you for walking this road with us.

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IBIS is a leading South African-based company that has been specializing in Competitive Intelligence related services since 1997. IBIS is a pioneer in the development and awareness of Competitive Intelligence in South Africa.

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